biggest fish so far . . .

This is a Snook that Steven caught off our dock, the biggest fish I've seen him catch so far. He unhooked it and threw it back because #1 - he does not have a special Snook licence and I think he said it is not the right 'season' (you are only allowed to catch/keep at a certain time) and he said it was slightly under the keeping size anyway. But, man! It was fun to watch him catch this fish. It fought and tried to go under the dock!

The lure he used to catch it is in the "extra" photos. I thought this lure was beautiful! Steve is learning more about fishing in our brackish river water all the time, fun learning. We are going to go look at the Scout Boats tomorrow at the dealers -specifically the Sportfish 175 we saw at the boat show, but an earlier model that was traded in yesterday.... hmmm, we're not expecting anything except perhaps we will like it -but we both figured more investigation was needed! ;o)

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