By seizetheday

Beyond the End of the Road

Red squirrel watching on the Common early this evening - there were several kits on the feeder and chasing each other up and down the trees. Then we dashed home so MrM could fetch his mandolin, and straight out again to Kirknewton for another brilliant performance courtesy Rural Highlights Touring scheme.

Beyond the End of the Road is a joyously noisy affair, about a sense of place, belonging and identity. (Suspect that I wasn't the only one in the audience to wish I had a sense of belonging!) The main performance involved local people in small acting and singing roles, and was followed by a ceilidh, with the same musicians in the band. During breaks in the ceilidh, local musicians played instruments - MrM played a beautiful slow tune on a mandolin.

Off to the pub in Wooler afterwards to meet up with a few friends who had been in Kirknewton.

And so to bed - absolutely shattered...

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