...across the path on the Common this afternoon. We need to keep an eye open for adders when we walk with Louie at this time of year - his eyesight isn't so good and he probably wouldn't notice one until it was too late. This one reared its head at a passing dog ahead of us, but fortunately the dog moved away quickly.

This was intended to be a working weekend, but it was too hot (27deg in Wooler) today to do very much! MrM spent some time in the workshop, and I painted most of the courtyard wall with masonry primer (though MrM did a bit at the top that I couldn't reach from the ladder). Apart from that, a bit more squirrel watching on the Common. Bird watching too - several fledgling chaffinches were waiting on a log in the sun for mum and dad to feed them (extras), and two male pheasants were having a stand-off on the path. And a stroll on Weetwood Moor.

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