Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Bird's eye view

A very early start for a Saturday. Made it for the OaSis meeting well in time and then on to Mercato to watch Cars 3. Got this shot whilst waiting for friends to arrive...

The roastery located in between the escalators... picture taken at Gs prompting... my camera seems to be playing up a little reading the lighting. I shall be very upset if it is anything serious. Anyway, one of the good things about today was that despite it being hot (43degC), it wasn't humid, and that made for a much more comfortable day.

Friend Farzan came in the afternoon to finish her phone set up. It still took more than three and a half hours and not quite finished. And then Pauline delivered some creme caramel she made for me! It was well past 9 before we were able to have dinner. Can't believe how quickly the weekend has flown.

There is loads of catching up I have to do here - Sorry! I will do my best to get to your journals tomorrow.

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