Leave Your Hat On

'You can leave your hat on'  .......with dire consequences if you don't as the Arctic Terns on Inner Farne dive bomb like a bullets with their red pointed beaks onto your head to defend their nests which are precariously situated on and near the path. I was going to say, 'No messing' but the opposite is true and my hat has the stains to prove it - I am a 'proper' birder now having been christened! :)

Taking this shot was more than fun and slightly distracting as a tern had taken a fancy to me and was perched, then sat on my hat, viewing the scenery. It flew off then came back and stayed awhile whilst I took numerous shots of it's nesting companions coming and going, harassing passing tourists as they do. I've given my email to a gentleman who took a shot of this rather bizarre camera work so hopefully will have a pic soon.

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