Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Hot and sweaty!

Hot, hot , hot....another scorcher today. Funny how we look forward to summer and when it comes with a heatwave in tow we then are all longing for cooler weather! Even Murdoch does not know what to do with himself, he cannot find a cool enough place to lie. Here is Luke looking horribly sweaty and hot. Not sure if this qualifies as a 'silly mistake' for the Mono Monday challenge but he decided to do some gym in the middle of the day when it was so hot....silly lad!

Knowing it was going to be another hot one I got up early and was out running by 6.30am - even then I was thankful when I ran through pockets of cool shade.

Today was Thomas' first day of his work experience week. He looked so grown up in his suit this morning as he was dropped off at the station with all the other morning commuters - when I phoned to make sure he had got there okay he was already complaining about the hot trains and tubes! When Luke did his work experience week 5 years ago he fainted on the hot train and when he came round found himself lying on the platform at Wimbledon Station! It was too much of a rush to get a photo of the young Thomas in his suit but I will try to get one later in the week.

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