Sheltered and Hidden

Another lovely morning, which turned into another lovely day.  The boys went to church while I contemplated a run.  I did run, and coped with the heat much better than I did yesterday.  I still felt pretty tired when I got back home though.

The boys came home to tell me that BB had fainted at church – which had given TT and everyone else a shock.  He was fine, but he went and lay on the sofa for a while, watching  DVD.

After lunch we headed to Tyninghame House where the gardens and grounds  were open for the afternoon. We have been a couple of times before and it is a wonderful place to explore.  It was hot, so we took it easy and at one point BB found a spot in the shade and read his book.  Later we enjoyed tea and cakes under the shade of a tree. The gardens are extensive and wonderful.  I would love to have them on the doorstep.

After we felt we had been out in the sun long enough we came home via the supermarket.  BB hid in the cool of the house, while TT and I enjoyed the sunshine in the garden.  Later I caught up with my back blips from last weekend at Loch Tay.

BB was quite weary and probably a bit peaky, but hopefully a good night’s sleep will sort him out.

Here is BB, reading his book and sheltered from the sun in The Secret Garden.

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