George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Wet Grass

So what's wrong with sitting in wet grass?  If you've got a hot tummy it's the best way to cool off.  It is, I promise.  You should try it sometime.

Besides, I did find a very fine chewy in the garden, well aged, just the right texture.  I reckon that Mish must have hidden it - and a bit of magic led me to find it.  She was a good girl, that Mish.  If you look very hard between my paws you'll see a moldy manky delightfully marbled piece of hide. 

I have just had my paws walked off.  The second walk for the day, and when I did go to the vets this afternoon, to get my ears looked at (not fun) I got weighed and I'd lost 100 grams.  I need to find them again quick smart - otherwise I'll fade away to a shadow.

I think that THEY wouldn't mind at all if THEY lost a bit of weight.  There's an awful lot of step counting going on.

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