It's supposed to be the middle of winter, and here we are in the middle of a drought instead.

We are making the most of the sunny weather - or at least I am - lots of long walks, and great plays with Ernie.

I do get a bit bug**red though, and it's too warm to lay in my bed in HER office, so I put my tummy on the cool tiles.  Then I roll over onto my my back, and wave my front paws around, and SHE says AWWWW, and bends over to give me a tummy rub.

I think I've got most things sorted around here.

On the yipping front, SHE puts up her hand and says STOP.!   at which point I sometimes do stop because I get the feeling it's probably not a good idea to keep yipping.  Sometimes I can't help it though. 

Just depends.

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