George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Swinging the lead

I got caught out. 

We was on this really long walk through the Park, and HE did sit down so she could take a photo.  And I was getting a bit tired.  so I pretended to slip and fall off this log.  And I refused to walk, and did hold my leg in the air.

So THEY did take turns to carry me all the way out of the Park, and then he did go and get the car, so SHE could take me to the vet.  And that's what she did, and I did see Vet Claire, and she did wiggle my leg around a bit, and I winced a bit, and she said I had a strained muscle, but nothing sinister.

Then SHE did put me on the floor and I found - quite miraculously - that I could walk, so I did.

And now I feel fine.

Tell you what, that being carried through the Park was a bit of alright.  I really enjoyed it. 

Very relaxing.

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