The Summer Solstice, Katherine Ellis' birthday and, coincidentally, my 4th Blip Birthday!
So, first things first – Happy Birthday Katherine, I hope you are having a lovely day.
Wanting to get a special photo today I went off to the park at silly o’clock as is customary for me. Being a rather grey and overcast day I was alone there. I spent a good couple of hours cycling round desperately hoping for something goodl. The light was awful.  As I was about to give up and go home I spotted a kestrel above me – she flew into a willow near by and posed so beautifully – that was so special regardless of it being my “birthday” or not!
You can see the other photos of the kestrel HERE.  And HERE are some of some red deer calves and others I spotted this morning.
I spend a lot of time on the photography part of Blip, and am aware that I am hopeless at commenting and for that I apologise. I love looking at your journals and am so grateful to you for visiting mine and taking the trouble to comment – thank you.
Let year five begin…….yay!


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