Chilling in the Park

Today was the day of my Dad's operation. I went over to keep my Mum company for a while. I expected her to still be in bed when I got there, but she was in the garden looking at the chickens! She's handling it well so far. 

While I was there someone came to update the alarm system for if they need assistance. I'm glad he came while I was there, as I doubt my Mum would have let him in otherwise. Now I just need to get her to keep the button handy!

I've also been up to the hospital to visit my Dad. His operation was a success, and was done with an epidural rather than general anaesthetic. They reckon he could actually go home as soon as tomorrow! He still won't be able to do much though

I took a few photos in the arboretum on my way home. I wanted to get some people shots, as that is this weeks' Facebook topic. I kind-of know these two - they come in the chippy! I've never seen them together before though! 

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