Bee Nice!

Day Two of my Dad being in hospital today. My Mum coped well, and says she couldn't believe how well she slept! I did a bit of tidying of the kitchen, stripped the bed etc. today. I couldn't work the washing machine, but Estelle next door knew how it worked, fortunately! My dad never normally lets anyone else touch it!

I rang the hospital before going home, and they said that he is doing very well, and will be allowed home in the morning.

It has been cloudy most of the day today, and much cooler. The sun shone when I got off the train in Metheringham, and I took the chance to grab a few shots as I walked to my folks' house. Glad I did, as the rest of the day has been pretty grey! I liked this one of a bee best, of those I took, as I like the detail on its wings.

Work tonight - at least it isn't just two of us - I hope!

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