Cheer Squad

After my Friday morning stint at work I came home and chilled out for a bit before getting ready to go over to Castleford to watch the rugby. This game was one we bought tickets for back in March and it was rearranged due to snow. It is the only match being played this weekend as there is an international taking place between England and New Zealand tomorrow (Today actually, since I am back-Blipping!)

We lost by one point in the end. I wasn't expecting us to win really as we had several players out to take part in the international game (Castleford didn't!) as  well as a couple of injuries. Castleford had almost a full strength team. But it was still disappointing as, had better decisions been made by both our players and the referee, we could have won the game!

The weather was gloriously sunny. In fact we had to shield our eyes to be able to see the game! The hair and pompoms of the cheer squad caught the sun, so I thought I would Blip them, since my in-game shots weren't all that!

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