Zeph has been over at Jeri's helping with the boys for a few days, and we went over there today for a BBQ and to bring him home for a rest. While we were there he demonstrated his skills on the trampoline - as bouncy as his Magic Roundabout almost-namesake!

I've also been to visit my parents today. I almost rang up to say I couldn't go today as I felt light headed and dizzy - the effect of too much sun yesterday I think!

At least I hope that's what it is - Jae went to work at 7 AM as normal today, but he was home again by 9 AM, feeling really sick! He has picked up a bug poor lad, and has laid on the sofa or his bed for the rest of the day. I hope he will soon be better, and that none of the rest of us manage to catch his lurgy!

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