Red, Red Rose

Well today when I photographed this rose I didn't need the spray bottle as it's been drizzling for most of the day. I think it was the vividness of the colour which caught my eye as it seemed  to stand out amongst the more delicately coloured blooms. I always enjoy the Flower Friday challenge and thank you to Anni for hosting it.

The week before going away on holiday I had a panel of photos assessed at the RPS and I received an email the following day to say I'd been successful in achieving the LRPS distinction.  I  couldn't quite believe it as it felt as if I'd been working on the project for so long;  in fact it was only about nine months, but nine months of stopping, starting, doubting, changing my mind and finally settling on what to include.  Anyway I'm walking on air at the moment as my certificate was here, waiting for me when I got back from holiday yesterday and I now know it's for real.  Up until today I'd only told one person as she knew I'd got an assessment date - anyway I've told everyone now.  If you're interested to see what I included in the panel you can have a look HERE most of them you will have seen previously on blip.

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