Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Quite A Day

It was a day unaccountably rich with wildlife. First a broad-winged hawk circled overhead while I was outside arguing having a discussion with The Husband about a fence he is rebuilding around our vegetable garden. I didn't have my camera, but it continued to circle long enough for me to go into the house, get the camera, come back out, and take a whole series of shots of it. See extra!

Then The Husband called me back outside and said "bring your camera" because there was a black rat snake lying there frozen - presumably afraid it had been noticed by him, the dogs, and for all I know the hawk! It may actually explain why the hawk was circling overhead. But in any case, I took a few shots of it and then moved it over to a log pile so it could hide itself. Yes, I picked it up. Partly because The Husband *dared* me to. And partly just because I knew I could and I like snakes. I did don a leather glove on the hand I grabbed its head with - better to be safe than sorry!

Then I got a nice photo of Cheeky Peanut taking a little nap on the limb of the big maple tree in front of the house. Again - see extra!

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