Val's rose

At last - a day to myself!

This morning I ploughed to the bottom of my email backlog, updated my calendar, and reviewed my task list. I had intended to tackle my expenses, but just couldn't face it. In any case, I'll have collected another clutch of receipts by this time next week, so I have resolved to add these to the growing pile when I get back from the next conference, then go through the whole lot at once.

After lunch I set off on a shopping expedition to town to look for smart tops to go with the linen black linen suit that I will be wearing at a conference next week. (My old smart tops have either gone baggy, or don't fit me anymore.) 

This was a rather depressing trip. I think I need a new body rather than new clothes! In the end I managed to find a couple of tops in a shop that specialises in ladies of my shape (top heavy), as well as a lovely half price tea dress from Jigsaw. I also collected my train ticket for Tuesday.

I blipped Val's rose in our yard on my return to the house.

Exercise today: walking (9,137 steps).

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