Anniversary meal at Aizle

Oh dear, last night's 'drowning of sorrows' resulted in a rather sore head for me this morning. I blame a mix of white wine (with Frances after work), Prosecco (at dinner with Mr hazelh and our overnight house guest Rachel), and a bottle of Bollinger (with Jon and Luisa way past our bedtime). Despite all our efforts, the conversation kept coming back to the (hideous) leave decision :-(

The day improved with paracetemol and an afternoon and evening out to mark our wedding anniversary. First we made a trip to the cinema to see Belles Familles. This is a French comedy drama from 2015 with a plot that focuses on the division of an inheritence. I LOVED it.

Afterwards we walked over to Aizle for a superb dinner, as blipped. (Yes, I ate all this!)

I also made a (long overdue) visit to the hairdresser at lunchtime. He's chopped off around 5-6 inches. It will be interesting to see if anyone notices this at work next week.

Exercise today: walking (12,864 steps)

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