RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Still The Road To Nowhere

After almost a year's time, the road to nowhere is still living up to its name. In fact, from what I can see there has been no work on it at all since the last time I was up there. Today I made it from the bottom to the end of the paved section in 21 minutes on my bicycle (future trips will be timed for comparison purposes). As previously stated, it is all uphill, so I was happy with anything under half an hour. I will have to drive it some day to get the distance, though I am certain it is less than five miles. Perhaps not the smartest day to ride - the extra humidity from an overnight rainstorm made it super steamy - but at least I didn't get baked by the sun. This is the view across the valley where the road is planned to connect with the highway from the airport. Everything is so green due to our recent rainy weather.

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