Zip Foot?

I decided over the weekend to make a skirt out of a dress. It was a dress I made a few summers ago from a piece of material I had bought in a charity shop. I didn't have a proper pattern and it never felt quite right. I have to confess that I still haven't used a pattern, but it is just a straight skirt. Finishing it tonight, I discovered this foot in my sewing box. After a few false starts, and eventually reading in my sewing machine manual, I got it to work. It worked really well! So I've learnt something today. I'm pleased with the skirt. Something new to wear tomorrow!

My day has been plagued with that deafness, ringing and squeezing head that I haven't had for a month. It is definitely linked to my ears somehow. I am tired though, so will go to bed soon. At lunch time I wandered down Elm Hill to Oxfam and picked up a Penny Vincenzi novel for my holiday. I don't think I've read it. But I don't remember the titles!!

I left work at 4.45 and when I got home, I went to The Links in West Runton where Jon went in the gym, and Henry and i played tennis. It helped my head while we played. He had me running around. We were pretty rusty, but had a fun hour.

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