Hanging About

There may have been some shouting today getting the Little Misses out of the door for school. 
They don't seem able to do anything without me bellowing at them ten times.
SHOES!!! TEETH!!! CAR!!!!!!
Uuuughh, some days it's a pleasure to drop them off!
Back home for a couple of hours cuddling with Miss C and reading Slinky Malinki to her. It was my favourite book to read to the Little Misses so I'd bought it for Miss C. It was lovely to read it again!
I also bought her the beautiful Welcome to the Zoo which was another favourite of mine. No words just stunning illustrations and endless things to notice and talk about. Gorgeous!!!
It was so nice to have a long cuddle with her. Babies are so easy!!!!
Once I'd waved Miss T, Mr K and Miss C off on the next leg of their journey I had a pretty lazy morning. A bit of tidying and a half hearted attempt to make a dent in the laundry mountain.
And lots of tea and Eastenders watching!!
I went to watch Miss E in a rounders match in the afternoon. She was batting just as I arrived so I saw her make it round without getting out. No-one else had gone to watch and I felt a bit like I had gatecrashed at a PE lesson so I sat on the grass quite a way away!!
Then there was a bit of fielding, then Miss E was substituted out for the next game so all the action was basically in the first five minutes!!
Luckily Mrs K arrived to keep me company as we watched.
While they were eating their match tea I went to get Miss L and we came back for our usual Friday afternoon trip to the cafe. Smoothies and Smarties for them, tea for me and an hour or so sitting out in the cloud and threatening skies fresh air and playing on the monkey bars. It astounds me how strong Miss E is - she can go back and forth along the monkey bars without pausing, letting go with one hand, turning around, chatting!!!! 
I don't think I could even hang for ten seconds!!!

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