By angellightphoto

an endless tale...

...actually a tail without an end!

There I was, fully expecting to finish my Tuscan blips with a butterfly bonanza and, instead I have finished with reptilian rush. You just never know where a blip is going to come from.

While hunting for the remaining few butterflies that have been eluding me, I came across a juvenile Green Lizard Lacerta viridis. Unlike yesterday's grass snake, it wasn't something the cat brought in but it has survived an attack by something. It has a few lacerations and was without his tail. This one is too young to have developed the incredible blue throat that breeding males have but is beautiful in all his resplendent greenness.

Sadly, we have to say our farewells to Lunigiana in the morning as we head off on the first leg of our drive back to Purbeck. We are stopping in Bourgogne tomorrow evening but, as yet, I have no idea what tomorrows blip will be...

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