An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A Rose from Gill...

One of a lovely bunch.

We've had a lovely afternoon.  

Gill and Ed (Alan's much beloved support workers who no longer work with us due ill health and retirement respectively) came for coffee and cake along with Ed's wife Elaine.

David picked Gill up (any excuse to get out in the car.  He'd already been at the Co-op four times and we didn't actually need anything! :-) and she brought a lovely Gloagburn gingerbread with her.  Ed and Elaine arrived with a home made fruit loaf so we added their delicious wares to the pancakes, oak and ginger slice, lemon drizzle cake and peppermint slice that we had.   It was quite a spread and we tackled it manfully :-)

Alan was absolutely beside himself with excitement at seeing them.   He was actually squealing with delight!  They were delighted to see him too and spent some lovely time with him.  

So lovely to catch up and hear what they've all been up to.  

New Ashleigh was here for her second shadow shift today and got on great.  Alan has really taken to her and they spent a lot of time together.  He even let her give him his tummy milk, which is a sure sign that he trusts her.  Phew.  

Still ploughing my way through the extension photos.  It is taking forever!  

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