Still Working on It

My painting has changed since last week. I replaced the blue outfit with a green one at Trish's suggestion. I liked the idea and so far, so good, though I still have to make it clearer that the left hand in the painting is Arvin's and not mine. I think I may have made my face worse than it was but I'll fix that next time I work on it. Sometimes paintings go through a "teenager" phase (no insult meant to those of you who are teenagers). Not sure that is what is happening here but there is definitely still work to be done. Here is what the painting looked like this morning before I started working on it.

I woke really tired this morning but still enthusiastic about heading to open studio. It was a big group today and as often happens, everybody did a great job on her (and his as Judge Dave was there today) painting. I love watching everybody's work evolve.

At lunch break I called Helena to see if she wanted some company this evening. Her sister left around 1:30 and I was pretty sure she would like to be with somebody. Turned out I was right and the two of us shopped and then went to the Lucky Panda for dinner. We had garlic eggplant and shrimp egg foo young. The meal was delicious.

Helena came home with me and we sat on the deck and talked while we had some desert. It was good to spend some quality time with her. It has been awhile due to all the goings on recently. I took her home while there was still light and now I'm having a quiet evening by myself. 

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