Woodpile Wren

Before I left for Ongar on an errand this morning I went for a quick walk with Jazzy and the camera. As I passed number three glasshouse I heard a wren's alarm call. This silly young bird didn't take any notice of its parent and kept hopping fearlessly towards me. I've captured it on a pile of wood that will feed the woodburner in the winter. Nice to shoot a bird for a change, they're difficult to spot with the trees in full leaf.

My granddaughter accompanied me to her her friends' house this evening where I had been asked to take pics of the youngest son and his mates at their pre prom get-together. Harry looked extremely dapper in his three-piece, Prince of Wales check, suit. 

Today's poem is In Those Years by Adrienne Rich. http://plagiarist.com/poetry/3893/

A lesbian feminist who maybe regretted getting married and having three children before she was thirty. I'm so glad I had my children early. I'm not too decrepit to enjoy doing all sorts with my daughter and granddaughter. :) 


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