Freedom Is Worth The Fight

This letter was printed today in the AZ Daily Star:

How Our President Celebrates Freedom
This weekend, we celebrated the 241th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Women played an indispensable role in that fight, acting as spies, sneaking behind enemy lines to deliver messages and boycotting British goods.  Some even fought disguised as men.

Two hundred-thirty years ago, the U.S. Constitution was enacted.  Considered so critical to the survival of the new nation, the Founders enshrined freedom of speech and freedom of the press as its very first amendment. They knew a free exchange of ideas, even unpopular ones, differentiated us from Aristocracies.

Despite this proud history, our President spent the weekend absorbed in a continuous attack on a woman journalist, promoted violence against the free, independent media by posting an incendiary meme and engaged in a childish "I know I am but what are you?" retort at what should have been a speech honoring veterans.

In his own words:  BAD!

Laurie C…..
Green Valley, AZ

And  to my friends:
Today we celebrate the rag-tag group of Americans who stood up to power, fought for the values they believed in - and won.  We must continue to fight for those freedoms every day - or fall prey to despots.

Happy Independence Day!

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