Happy Fourth!

It's been a quiet Fourth of July here so far - all the excitement comes tonight when the fireworks are shot off down at Gasworks park.  When I met with my Vietnamese student on Saturday, we talked about how he and his family could see the fireworks live.  They have three children, 3, 7 and 14, and this is their first Independence Day in this country.  He decided that they would go down to the Park in the early afternoon so they could fine a place to sit, and just spend the rest of the day there, bringing food to keep them going.

I admit to being rather blase about fireworks these days.  When I was a child in Brooklyn, there were fireworks down at Coney Island every Wednesday night during summer.  Sometimes we would go to sit on the sand and watch them.  Everyone was hushed and quiet, and it was a lovely experience.

This little girl with the flag whirligig is sitting outside the apartment on the first floor that I have blipped photos of before.  I thought she would be an appropriate one for today.

May we all be and remain free.

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