Tiny Tuesday .....

 ... Happy July 4th!!

After celebrating Canada Day the other day I couldn't let the Independence of my own country go unmarked!  So I set up this tiny Adirondack chair, stuck an American flag in it and waiting for my tiny Nibbles to come celebrate with me!  I beleive this works for the TT theme of "Let's get Tiny" set by our host Holliegirl as this is a much tinier version of a full sized Adirondack chair!

Please check out the extra if you have the time ... it is of the best picture (not saying much!) of a red fox that I have ever been able to take!  We were returning from our afternoon walk at Louise Moore Park when all of a sudden I saw this fox walking in someone's yard!  "Fox! Fox! Fox!" I said rather loudly to Richard!  And being the wonderful husband that he is he quickly turned the car around as I got my camera ready!  Unfortunately by the time we had returned to where I saw him/her he/she was already up by the garage and not looking in my direction!  I took some pictures of him/her anyway so that I could at least get some even if bad ones!

Happy Independence Day .... Happy July 4th ... and all that jazz!

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