Electrifying ....

We arranged for our electrician to come today to work on the pool electrical work that has to be done.  He said he would be here by 8:30 am so I got up early so that I would be ready for him.  I'm sure I have mentioned before that I am not a morning person!

When he still hadn't arrived by 10:45 am I called .... not sure why I waited so long!  When I called he said he was in our driveway and needed a few minutes. What?!?  He worked for a while and then left for lunch at 12:20 pm ... "Be back in an hour," he said.  An hour and a half later he strolls in.  He then works until around 4:00 and gathers most of his stuff to leave for the day .... "I will be back at 9:00 am tomorrow," he says. 

"We will see, " I say to myself.   And I was right .... at the posting of this entry (Thursday at 11:15 am) he is still not here.  

My picture is a fartnarkled photo of our electrical panel.  It's wild how many wires there are in a modest three bedroom home!

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