Poppies In The Park

I was feeling rather snotty this morning – a continuation of my sore throat lurgy I think. It really slowed me down, which meant I didn’t make the early bus as I had intended. I got the next one, and was still in earlier than most people.  Between feeling a bit grotty and having a sore foot, I have been feeling a bit sorry for myself today.  I got through the day, and back home to pick BB up from holiday club.  They had micro fitness nerf wars this afternoon, and all had a brilliant time.  I am not quite sure what was involved, but they got lots of exercise.  The staff who had also taken part were all looking forward to early nights as they were exhausted!

I have had a quiet evening – tending my sore foot – which feels a bit better now.

Here are some poppies in the park, at the edge of the wild flower meadow.

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