Autumn Leaves

Miss L and I had a lovely time together today.
After waiting in for Mr Tescos - who confused Miss L by turning out to be Mrs Tescos! - we went over to John Lewis to return some ballet shoes I bought for Miss E. She's got a very old and worn pair that Miss A has grown out of and I used the refund to treat me and Miss L to a yummy lunch.
I promised Miss E we could make muffins after school and I even bought flour and butter. What I didn't know I needed forgot was the baking powder.
But my 101 Easy Bakes came to the rescue and we made shortbread instead which was incredibly good. How did I not know you just had to mix flour, butter and sugar to make something so delicious?!
I'll have to tell Miss E that we won't be baking every night after school - I've got my waistline to think of!

My dying laptop finally died on Friday so I had no internet. There are a few backblips starting here

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