This beautiful flower, commonly known as Nasturtium is growing, along with many others, but in varying colours, underneath Mr. HCB’s climbing French and runner beans;  this idea is called “companion planting”  and is an organic way to protect plants from pests or to increase pollination.  They are grown as a “sacrificial” crop because aphids love them and this will lure them away from the beans, without resorting to using pesticides.

I noticed the other day how pretty the Nasturtiums were, so had earmarked several for today’s Flower Friday challenge, and then when I heard that Mr. HCB would be watering his plants this morning, I thought it would be a good time to go out and take photographs.  This shot is SOOC and has not been touched up in any way - I just wish that the drops were rain and not from the tap!

I know Mr. HCB isn’t keen on watering and especially with the hose, but sadly, although we have been promised rain on several occasions, it hasn’t arrived, so all four water butts are completely empty.  The weather has been good for cricket and tennis, but not so good for gardens, plants and trees - that’s the story down south, anyway - but I understand that much further north, they have not had as much sunshine and more rain that we have had.

The air is lovely and cool this morning, and Mr. HCB and his friend, Keith, will be off to cricket later, so perhaps the promised rain could kindly wait until this evening!  I have several good books from my library visit yesterday, so think that a shady spot with a jug of iced water will be my preferred option for the day.

“The most noteworthy thing 
     about gardeners 
          is that they are always optimistic, 
               always enterprising, 
                    and never satisfied.
They always look forward 
     to doing something better 
          than they have ever done before.”
Vita Sackville-West

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