Car Booty!


I was more than pleased with my haul from the car boot sale this morning! I find it's so much easier to go with the sole aim of looking for stuff for the garden rather than aimlessly looking at everything!!
The rest of the day was mostly spent driving to Bicester!
First of all I went over to Homebase to get a drill Mr K needs so he can do all the jobs around the house he's been meaning to do since we moved in. In October!
Then I came home and we discovered that the drill was the wrong one and didn't come with a battery pack which is the one we need to after lunch I headed back to Bicester to swap it for the right one. 
What a palaver!!
The website said there were two in stock but there was only one empty box on the shelf. A boy (probably about twenty but they're all starting to look really young to me now!!!) went off to hunt for one but came back after ten minutes empty handed. 
Eventually the manager went off to "check in the warehouse".
The warehouse must be on Mars because he was gone for so long!
The delay unfortunately gave me time to browse the house plants and pots.
Now we have the right drill and a rather lovely spider plant in my bathroom!!!

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