By ohsiebosie

Late night pot noodles are best pot noodles.

I have a pot noodle for a face!

Tonight I feel pretty low, and I am a self confessed comfort eater. I also demolished some crisps, dip and chocolate as well as a ton of fizzy juice which I'm supposed to be cutting out.

I'm currently working my way through 'Grey's Anatomy' for about the 3rd time, and I think it always affects how I feel. I commented when I first starting watching that it "made me feel weird". It still does. If you're a fan or have even only seen 1 or a few episodes, you will know it's generally quite sad, and can sometimes be a gut-wrencher. I have problems with my moods and such as it is, so watching probably isn't the best idea. I do love it so though. Owen Hunt <3 [The writers ruined him for me in season 8, the dicks.]

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