By ohsiebosie

Can't believe I've only posted a handful of times and this is my second teddy post haha. Oh well. This is about as exciting as my life is at the moment!

Do boys have special teddies? You know, the ones that get dragged along the ground, and get taken everywhere? I never knew a boy that had one really, and I'm intrigued.

My special teddy, is actually a bunny. I remember at Nursery we had a teddybear's picnic and I wasn't allowed to bring him, and had to bring the creatively named bear, Ted, instead. Booo. Anyhow, this is FooFoo. Not named after "little bunny foofoo" for those that know the song.. It's just a coincidence he is a bunny and called FooFoo. FooFoo is my oldest friend. I've had him since I was in a buggy, and he has been with me through everything. He is about 21 years old too, and certainly looks it! He used to be clean, and have whiskers and fur, however he was the one that got dragged along the ground by me, taken everywhere I went, and as I grew up, went through everything from sickness, to anger - Yes, I threw him about =[ - and everything else. He is now covered in an old curtain material, and as you can see, barely resembles a rabbit. But he is my oldest, most loyal friend. There through everything and still here to comfort me on nights like these when I feel blue. I feel a little sad for anyone that didn't have a teddy or other animal, or blanket or something as comfort, especially as a child.

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