I had to go to Birmingham today to take my MacBook in for some attention at the Apple store.

We walked to Stourbridge, then caught the little shuttle train from Stourbridge to Stourbridge Junction which I had never done before. Then onto Moore Street, Birmingham. 

We had a little wonder around finding a few of the Bears that have been put in place for the new BigSleuth adventure similar to the BigHoot a couple of years back. The bears in my opinion are a lot less attractive, they are beautifully painted but the actual stance of them looks like they are doing a poo, see Extra ------->

We also did a quick run around the Bullring (see 2nd extra ----->)

Anyway the reason we went in was to drop my Mac off which meant going in the beautiful new Apple store. I am no fanboy of Apple (I love their machines but dislike their phones) but one thing is for sure they have a presence like no other brand and their flagship stores are most impressive. The grade II listed former banking hall is worth going in even if you have no interest in the technology inside.

My Macbook Pro Retina is now three years old and runs as smooth as the day I bought it but there was a known fault with the screen lacquer on a few batches produced. My screen has held up until only a few weeks ago, but I was aware that most likely I wouldn't have to pay for a replacement even though it's well out of warranty. This was the case and they are replacing the whole top half of the machine (which must be costly with the screen resolution and solid aluminium case). That is good service.

Just the inconvenience of a week without my machine, I'll most likely survive and it's only a three day working week for me anyway coming up.

After we returned from Birmingham we had ten minutes at home before heading out again to a friends BBQ. 

A rather busy but fun weekend so far but tomorrow will involve DIY so may not be so exciting.

Mr Bo Hingles

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