Hunting poppies

I'd been meaning to check out the poppy field for a while and seem to have left it a couple of weeks too late.  I'm not sure what this field was meant to be growing but there was a mix of barley, grass and poppies.  As we approached the entrance to the field there was a contractor leaving with a huge spraying rigg on the back - you can see the tractor routes in the photo.   It was a late afternoon trip that almost ended in leaving us stuck down in the trans-pennine trail car-park as the car key broke as I was getting it out of my pocket (the second time this has happened to me).  Fortunately we were rescued by the Architectural Drawings man who had just returned to his land rover and he drove Ann home for the spare key and then back again.  We are very, very grateful to him.

I think that I might stop publishing this journal on Facebook for a while.  We have some funny going on around here at the moment and it seems that someone might be using a `spy' type listening device.  I don't think it's particularly aimed at us but maybe it's circumspect to be less open and sharing.  My FB settings are set to friends but you never know!!  So this is the last blip for a while that I'm going to share on FB.

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