A Eureka Moment

I have a few fine art photography books lying by my bed which I pick up every now and then to try and find some inspiration.

This morning, I chose Iceland: Above and Below by Hans Strand. This book has been very highly commended. I confess that I had been disappointed.

Until this morning. All of a sudden, I realised exactly what made these photographs fine art. Being a geologist originally, I'm inclined to study landforms to deduce their origin. But that wasn't what Herr Strand was seeing at all. It was form and pattern. And it was exquisite.

I saw each photo in a totally different way. Could this mark the beginning of a breakthrough for me? I hardly know. Like the author of  The Cloud of Unknowing, I expect the revelation to recede and occasionally re-emerge. But I hope I have a better idea of what I'm looking for in landscape.

My photo today is very far from what I had envisaged. I couldn't do what I wanted to do in camera, and my grasp of Photoshop was inadequate. So I've ended up with the original photo of the book with open pages.

On a more mundane level, a big shop at Sainsbury's. I was pleased to get two fresh baked gluten free loaves.

Coda, 14th July. I finally found out how to make the pages look as if they were glowing with light thanks to Colin Smith's Photoshop Cafe. I've replaced the photo with that image.

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