Phew! Today was one of those "never stop going" days. It started with a great session with my therapist. She is really supportive of my downsizing and moving to my new place.

Next I zipped over to a martini bar to meet with the gals in the Alz support group for lunch. I am still not drinking alcohol so I had a non-alc beer. We all had lunch and did a great deal of talking and laughing.

I headed home and did some pen packing. I also took a nap because I didn't want to doze through the concert tonight. This morning I got up at six am and that is just unheard of for me. The excitement of the move and the urging of the hungry kitties caused me to be fully awake at that way too early for me usually hour. So I packed pens in the morning and did more when I got home in the afternoon. Then I slept for an hour.

In the car and off the meet my good friend Pat at Busara for Thai dinner. We both had had late lunches so we split one dish between us and then headed up to WWU for tonight's Festival of Music concert. First we heard a fascinating talk by Ryan Dudenbostel (I think I've got that right). The concert was fabulous. The principal trumpet player played a Haydn trumpet concerto. I know Charlie because he is friends of Larry, the first trumpet in the Vancouver orchestra, and we were Larry's host family at several past festivals when he was playing in the orchestra. (Are you still with me.)

The second piece was a Dvorak violin concerto. The soloist was Tim Fain. If you ever hear that he is coming to play where you live, run, don't walk, to the ticket office and get yourself a ticket. He is totally amazing. I sit in the second row and he was right in front of me, so I could see what he was doing as well as hear him play. He expresses the true meaning of awesome. Just wow!

The last piece was Schubert's fourth symphony. The orchestra, as it always does, played with amazing virtuosity and feeling. Pat and I were in high spirits by the time the concert ended.

Now I am really really tired so I'm going to bed. Have a lovely day today or tomorrow, depending on your time zone. 

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