The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

South Facing

Here is the free standing condo that soon will be mine. The closing date is now set for August 15th. I changed my return date from art camp to the 13th so I'd have a day to do anything final before the closing on Tuesday. It is looking so real and I am happy about that.

The photo is of the right side of the house. The front room is the study / guest bedroom. The middle is the kitchen. It has an open ceiling to the dormer window above so it is flooded with light. The back room is the master bedroom and bath.

Jane, I and the fellow from Fairhaven Floors met at the condo this afternoon so he could measure the floors in the two bedrooms. Currently the floors are wall-to-wall carpeting. I plan to change them to engineered wood floors. Those are better for radiant heat and much more to my liking than carpet. The floor guy, Mike, used a laser to measure the walls of the two rooms. Then he brought in boxes of samples and Jane and I looked through them. I finally picked a light oak with muted warm tones, less red than the oak in the cabinets. It went very well with the tile in the rest of the house. Mike gave me an estimate and I was not surprised as I had chosen the highest quality flooring with the thickest layer of hardwood at the top. I am going to do it. I think this is most likely my last house and I am going to make it the best I can afford. The floors will go in some time after I close and then the movers can move my big stuff in. 

I also talked to Fran about the estate sale of the stuff I'm leaving behind. That will take place some time in September. And then my house will go on the market. I hope the housing market stays as hot as it is right now.

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