The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Northern Flicker

Good things are happening. This morning I went down to the Bay Street Studios to sign up for my area in the shared studios. Because of changes a great spot had opened up that allowed me to have two and a half spaces with plenty of wall space and room for all my paintings and canvases. How cool is that! So I wrote a check and will begin working there in August.

Meanwhile the closing of my house is scheduled for August 15th. I decided to come back a day early from art camp so I'll have a day to do all the final necessary things before the closing day. The sellers agreed to do what we asked based on the inspection. I met them the other day when we were measuring the bedrooms for flooring. They are nice folks. Tomorrow I meet with Fran and set up the date and time of my estate sale. Like I said, everything is moving along.

The rest of the day I've been going through our CD collection. I am trying to restrain myself. I do have them all in iTunes, but still, there are some that I just can't part with. And there are many recordings of concerts I've sung in those I'm keeping as well. So I actually ordered a small cabinet to keep them in. And I ordered a different stand for my TV so I can wheel it in and out of the area that is set up for it in the living room. 

Soon my brothers and sister-in-law will arrive. We are going out to dinner together. Before we go, I want them all to see if there are things they might want from my "get rid of it" pile. I don't want to give away sell stuff they would like to have. I still feel a sense of urgency as there is a great deal for me to go through. Oddly I am enjoying the process, especially when I see a big pile of stuff in the pile of things that aren't coming with me.

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