The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Impressionist Sunset

I caught this beautiful sunset during intermission at the Bellingham Festival of Music. Pat and I went together again, meeting first for Thai food and then arriving in time for the pre-concert talk. We hit the jackpot this time. The evening's cello soloist, Zuill Bailey, was giving the talk. He brought along his amazing cello, the "rosette" 1693 Matteo Gofriller Cello, formerly owned by Mischa Schneider of the Budapest String Quartet. 

He sat and played the first movement of the Bach's First Suite for unaccompanied cello. Then he told us about his cello and how it fit into history. He would talk and then play another piece from the suite. The information was fascinating. The Bach was mesmerizing. And the cello had the richest sound of any I've ever heard. And this was all before the concert began.

Then we attended the concert and Zuill played the Cello Concerto in C Major by Haydn. My seat was just two rows up directly in front of him. The audience went wild when he finished and he played more of the Bach for an encore. 

The rest of the concert was fantastic too. Respighi's Trittico Botticelliano and Mendelssohn's Italian symphony. This year every concert I've attended has been spot on and this one was no different. Pat and I walked to her car with big smiles on our faces.

This morning I went to an estate sale given by Frannie aka Eartha Kittys to get an idea of what she does. I signed and turned in my contract for her to do my estate sale in September. I even bought a lamp at today's sale. I know. I'm downsizing. But it happened to go extremely well with a lamp I have and will fit perfectly in the new house.

The rest of the day I finished packing pens and sorting through CDs and movies. Sorting through all our stuff is a huge job, but I'm making headway. And I'm enjoying myself.

P.S. When I just read that Zuill's cello belonged to a member of the Budapest String Quartet, I realized I've heard that instrument before. When I was a freshman at Pomona College the BSQ came to perform for us. The Santa Anna winds blew and the power went out. We were in Little Bridges Hall which was also used as a chapel in those days. So they set up candelabra for each of the four players and the concert continued by candle light. I still remember how amazing that concert was. And now I've heard another amazing concert with the same instrument 57 years later! 

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