By mindful_life

Flower Friday - Surprise Sunflowers

This morning, after the usual start to the day of getting my children up, fed and dressed for school, remember kits for after school and making packed lunches, I opened my front door for us to take our familiar short stroll to school when I was surprised by a lovely bunch of sunflowers and a card left on my doorstep!

I had no idea who they were from so quickly opened the card that was accompanying it to find they were from a friend and fellow school mum for my birthday tomorrow.

This brought such a smile to my face, firstly because my birthday had been remembered and also because she had left them there to surprise me rather than give them to me at school.

Gestures of any kind, big or small, can make a huge difference and to someone and this did to me today.

Whilst this is for my birthday, it reminded me about something my children were taught about at school this year and that was random acts of kindness. I often try to deliver acts of kindness to people and love to see the joy in their faces. It doesn't have to be costly or huge, a simple cuppa made for a colleague or even a letter or note to remind someone you are thinking of them can be powerful. The day my children learned about acts of kindness (they hadn't told me), I went to bed and discovered little notes they had written to me telling me that they loved me and were grateful for the things I do for them. I found one at the top of the stairs, one in the bathroom cabinet as I opened it to brush my teeth, one on top of the washing basket and one on my pillow. It brought tears to my eyes at the time it made me so happy.

Be kind, grateful and appreciative. It will light a spark in you and in those you touch with your kindness ❤️

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