Ok, I could probably unpack, repack and repeat a few more times but essentially... this is as ready as I'm likely to be. Not, of course, that there is any degree of excitement here, oh no. Not a bit, nope, definitely none at all.

So around tomorrow at ten, Greg and I will head northward (ok, Greg will initially take the lead, otherwise we're likely to end up in Cornwall) and all sorts of loveliness is liable to take place - often in small glasses.

The huge looking backpack is in fact only quite a small backpack. The other half is the camera bag!!! Blipping will take place but, because I'm unlikely to be able to offload my RAWs on Islay, possible later.

Thank you for all your kind words and comments, always. I've not been very interactive recently for one reason or another, but I do appreciate them all. I'll try and catch up on our return, a week hence.

Bounce, bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce,  bounce squeeeeeeeeee! ;-)

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