The Lost Gardens Summer Ball

Not actually a summer ball but a creative and unusual production in the grounds of The Lost Gardens Of Heligan. 

Madchickenwoman and I had a leisurely get up after our very filled and underslept day yesterday. Then off out for more memory for me (we had to abort yesterday's attempt) and for Mcw to be somewhat extravagant but I'll let her tell you about that! Home for a bite to eat before heading out for the evening. And what an evening it was! Mysterious beings dancing in the woods as we followed the trail to the area where the production was taking place, set against wonderful views of the coastline. The actors were amazingly talented and adaptable, each taking on many different roles during the course of the evening as various tales of fantasy unfolded - a truly lovely evening!  It was quite a distance to drive, so another late night for us - even later than our first evening - and another late blip from me!

I was really pleased with how well my new camera performed outside during a high energy performance in near darkness - this shot was taken right near the end of the production at 9:58 pm! 

I've included an extra of Madchickenwoman in deep concentration with her camera next to one of the actors who was preparing to make his entrance from behind the audience and another of the storyteller.

Thank you so much for all the great comments, stars and hearts that you have been showering on my recent blips - you've been very generous!

Ann :))  

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