Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH

Mono Monday Challenge: Lines

The challenge for Mono Monday this week was 'lines' which immediately took me back to my school days. I seem to remember having to write 100 lines on many occasions as punishment for some transgression, and there was definitely a technique to it; on a large sheet of paper write all the 'I's' first in a vertical column, then all the 'musts', then all the 'nots' etc. until all the lines were written. Of course, doing it that way defeated the object of writing the lines in the first place, as you never actually wrote the whole sentence in one go.

But I digress. The challenge from 50Plus was for 'lines' so here are the lines around my water butt which is a fairly accurate plastic reproduction of a terracotta Grecian urn. It could possibly have qualified for last week's 'curves' challenge too.

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