Not the usual route

Into work early this morning to do the final bits and pieces for our celebration assembly. All went well: no balloons escaped and awards were received in the spirit in which they were intended. The rest of the day has been spent getting bits and pieces done and trying to accelerate one or two jobs before Wednesday afternoon comes around all too quickly. 

What wasn't quick, by any means, was the journey home. An accident - that I thankfully wasn't involved in - closed a road and sent me and countless others around the back lanes. All went well until a particularly tricky-at-the- best-of-times right turn meant that it took over 20 minutes to travel less than a quarter of a mile. At least the view was fairly pleasant. 

I got back to Bailey about 40 minutes after I might have expected to but got a suitable greeting even if it was too warm to be a lengthy one. A bit of time spent writing cards and wrapping leaving, birthday and end of term presents for friends and colleagues this evening. A couple of jobs were done in front of the telly and a final walk for Bailey when the temperature dropped enough to mean that he walked all the way around the block with no lie-downs. 

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