A time for everything

By turnx3

Indiana barn

The weekend promised us some good weather - not too hot, and lower humidity, so we decided we had to make the most of it. Today we headed into Indiana, to the Cardinal Greenway trail which extends about 65 miles from Richmond in the south, through Muncie to Marion in the north. We had cycled some of this trail a number of years back on an organized bike ride - that time, however, the weather wasn't so kind to us. We took our tandem and did a total of 28 miles. The trail may not be as scenic or varied as our local Little Miami trail - this part of Indiana being flat corn growing country - but it's a good trail, with numerous trail heads, usually equipped with a portaloo, a bench or a picnic table, and often with an information panel, providing you with historical interest along the way. This barn was located adjacent to the trail where we stopped for our lunch, and the rest of the farm was beautifully kept up, with a lovely well-tended garden. After 28 miles, we figured we deserved a treat, so we stopped in Richmond for some ice cream on our way home!
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