A time for everything

By turnx3

Flowers, frogs, butterflies and dragonflies!

A good service at church this morning, with a good message and great music - mostly provided by the praise band during the summer months when the choir takes a break. After church, we came home to watch the football. I guess I should have been rooting for France, since we’ve lived there for a total of 14 years and we have a number of friends there, but I found myself rather wanting Croatia to win, since it would have been such a great achievement for such a small country, and they have been playing so well. I certainly didn’t feel the score reflected the game - it seemed to me from what we saw (we missed about the first 25 minutes) that Croatia were creating more chances and had more shots on goal, but it wasn’t to be!
After the game, and Roger calling his Dad, it was time for exercise. It wasn’t quite as hot today, so we decided to go walking at Rowe Woods. However, whilst it was a little cooler, it was still extremely humid, and it wasn’t a very pleasant walk - we were dripping with perspiration by the time we returned to the car. The best parts of the walk were the Lotus pond with loads of frogs of differing sizes, and dragonflies and a solitary lotus flower, and the nearby wild flower meadow with its butterflies. Unfortunately the butterflies were constantly on the move, so I only got a few photos of them, and they weren’t as sharp as I’d have liked. Some days I struggle to find a blip, others, like today, I just couldn’t choose, so I’m going with a collage - hope you like it!
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